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Sand & Sandbag Locations

The City of Martinez has designated the following four (4) locations for the stockpiling of sand, and two (2) location with sand bags only for use by residents during heavy rains and or flooding. We have attempted to locate these facilities so that they will be within a short distance from anywhere within the City. All locations are lighted, have easy access, and will be stocked with sand and a sand filling station and sand bags are located at City Hall in front of the Police Department. Residents will need to provide their own tools for loading the sand. Residents should remember that these facilities may be used by numerous individuals during heavy rains and/or flooding. Please be respectful of others and take only the amount of sand and sand bags that you need. A map showing the locations is shown below along with sand bag filling instructions.

If you have any questions you may call the Public Works Maintenance Yard at 372-3580, M-F 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Nancy Boyd Park - Located on Pleasant Hill Rd E & Church St

F Street- Located at the west end of F Street off of Alhambra Avenue, at the beginning of the Park District trail, just past Alhambra High School.

Ferry & Allen Streets- Located at the corner of Ferry & Allen Streets by the Kiwanis Club.

Municipal Swimming Pool - Located at the end of Buckley Street, upper parking lot.

Sand Bags are located at City Hall @ 525 Henrietta Street and the Corporation Yard @ 300 Alhambra Avenue

( Map & Filling Instructions)