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Park Improvements Project

The 2018-19 Park Improvements Project (C5036) will improve facilities at Golden Hills Park, Highland Avenue Park, John Muir Park, and John Sparacino Park. The City Council initially approved this project as part of the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Capital Improvement Program budget which allocated $1,200,000 of Measure H funds. On April 17, 2019, the City Council allocated an additional $870,354 of Measure H funds toward Project C5036 (along with allocations of Gas Tax for Reliez trail improvements; Park and Recreation fees for refurbishing the tennis courts at Golden Hills Park, and Park In-Lieu fees for the Romtec modular building at Golden Hills Park).

The renovation of Golden Hills Park includes demolition and construction of a new community building, reconstruction of the basketball courts and resurfacing of the tennis courts.  The Golden Hills Park Tennis Courts project was accepted by Council on November 4, 2020, but the courts are not expected to be open until the end of January 2021.  The City will provide future updates regarding the reopening of the rest of Golden Hills Park within the coming months.

Highland Avenue Park improvements include replacement of the play structure and reconstruction of the basketball court. At John Muir Park and John Sparacino Park, improvements include constructing pathway and lighting improvements. Each of the four parks will also receive various landscaping, irrigation, drainage, fencing, and park furniture improvements.

The contractor has completed the reseeding of the grass area at Golden Hills Park, installed new light poles, and completed the underground electrical wiring for the new poles. Most of the new asphalt pathways and concrete walkways have also been installed along with the new basketball court. The contractors are working on trenching and undergrounding for the new electrical service from PG&E to the Romtec modular building. Although the contractor will be substantially complete with this park early in November, the completed portions of the park will remain closed so that the lawn and other landscaping improvements have time to establish, as was done on other Measure H park renovations. Under separate contract is the renovation of the tennis courts at Golden Hills Park and the court resurfacing is now complete.

At Highland Avenue Park, the new basketball court has been installed along with new ADA walkway access. Demolition work on the new playground was completed by the general contractor and now that the general contractor’s work is substantially complete, the new play structure installation can begin in November.At John Muir Park, the new lights have been installed and the pathways restored.