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A national database for all incentives and rebates available. Also provides information on new renewable energy legislation.

Energy Efficient Mortgages

New homebuyers may be eligible for low-rate mortgages and tax incentives. Visit the website for more information.

Energy Saver - U.S. Department of Energy

Find energy saving tips, DIY project guides, rebate information, and more.

ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service Equipment for Businesses

Upgrade commercial food service equipment and save on utility bills.

ENERGY STAR Office Equipment Savings

Find out the savings potential from upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment.

ENERGY STAR Refrigerators Energy Savings Calculator

Learn how much you can save by upgrading to an energy efficient refrigerator.

Greener Cars

A comprehensive guide to green vehicles from the American Council of Energy-Efficient Economy.


Calculate the benefits of investing in ENERGY STAR certified home appliances.

NREL - Saving Energy in Commercial Buildings Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for small to large businesses.

PG&E Energy-Use Audit Services

Assess your businesses' energy use to help you figure out how to save on your bill.

Smarter House - Home Efficiency Guide

A comprehensive guide to an energy efficient home from the American Council of Energy-Efficient Economy. 

Solar Calculators

Calculate costs, paybacks, and electricity productions for solar energy systems to help you make a decision about going solar.

Utah Clean Energy - Energy Efficiency at Home

Provides simple solutions for saving energy, money, and reducing your carbon footprint.