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Sustainability Resource Library

Educational Resources:

In partnership with New Leaf Collaborative, the Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa is creating educational resources for students and the community to learn about recycling and the environment.

Video #1: What can be recycled? 

Check out this video to see how recycling really works, and how to do it properly.


Video #2: What is an ecological footprint?

Watch this educational video from Boys and Girls Clubs of Contra Costa and New Leaf Collaborative to find out! Take a quiz to find out your own ecological footprint here.


Video #3: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Rot! 

Which is the most important R? Learn about the 4Rs of sustainability in this awesome video produced by Boys and Girls Clubs of Contra Costa and New Leaf Collaborative.

 Video #4: How does trash hurt our ecosystem?

Did you know trash created by humans has found its way into essentially every ecosystem? Learn more about how our trash affects our environment and the different animals living in them with this new video from New Leaf Collaborative and Boys and Girls Clubs of Contra Costa.


Rebates & Incentives Resources: