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Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Why is there mandatory recycling in Martinez?

Martinez Municipal Code:

Martinez has been in favor of a mandatory recycling ordinance since the 1990s. Section 8.18.120 of the Martinez Municipal Code, adopted in 1993, required all "non-residential" customers to subscribe to an approved recycling collection program through an authorized recycler licensed by the City by January 1, 1995.



State Legislation - AB 32 and AB 341:

Assembly Bill 32 identified a mandatory commercial recycling component as part of the statewide goal to achieve significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2020. Subsequently, Assembly Bill 341 was signed into law on October 6, 2011 to implement AB 32 for commercial recycling. Formal regulations established a new target of recycling at least 75% of garbage. 

The combination of both AB 32 and the City's existing Municipal Code necessitated the City’s recently formalized Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program. Under the new program, businesses generating >4 cubic yards of waste per week, and multifamily dwellings of 5 or more units, must arrange for recycling services. In addition, in order to demonstrate the efficiency of its efforts, The City must implement an education, outreach, and monitoring program.

How does it work?

Republic Services Franchise Agreements:

In order to comply with the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program, Martinez amended its franchise agreements with Republic Services. The City's only authorized recycler, Republic Services was granted exclusive rights to commercial and industrial recycling (with limited exceptions), establishing a one-rate system for solid waste and recycling charges. This new agreement helps to ensure effective implementation of the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program.

To meet the education, outreach, and monitoring requirements of the new regulations, the City worked with representatives from CalRecycle and Republic Services to develop the "Mandatory Commercial Recycling Strategies" included as Exhibit F in the franchise.

How can I comply?

If you are a business in need of indoor recycling containers, or would like a waste audit performed at your business to see if you could save money by improving your recycling practices and reducing your garbage bill, please contact Marie Knutson, Republic Services Recycling Coordinator, at (925) 671-5814 to schedule an on-site visit.

Further Resources:

For more information on the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law, please visit the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery's (CalRecycle) comprehensive webpage: