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Curbside Collection Services

Overview of Curbside Collection Services:

  •  Martinez residents pay for garbage pickup, while recycling and organics pickups are included at no separate charge. All three pickups occur on the same day.

  •  A discounted garbage rate exists for Martinez seniors 62 years or older. Residents who are able to successfully increase their recycling and organics habits can potentially enjoy a significant rate reduction by switching to a smaller garbage cart.

  •  Increasing your recycling and composting rate can help you reduce your trash, allowing you to switch to a smaller waste bin and/or less frequent pickup, which will save you money on your garbage bill.

    Click on the bins to view Sorting Guides for each waste category. 



Single-Family Residences:

Single stream curbside recycling allows residents to commingle (“mix”) all household recyclables (metal, glass, plastic containers, and mixed paper, cardboard) in their 64 gallon wheeled recycling cart. The cart is placed on the curb each week on garbage day for collection.

Apartment owners/managers:

Smaller recycling bins with carrying handles for in-unit collection are provided. Each week, the bins can be emptied for collection into a larger recycling container provided to the apartment facility. 

Apartment or single-family house residents who have not received recycling bins should contact their manager or Republic Services for assistance at (925) 685-4711.


Martinez residents must pay for garbage pickup. A discounted garbage rate exists for Martinez seniors 62 years or older. Residents can also switch to a smaller garbage cart to receive a significant rate reduction.


“Organic” materials can be disposed of in this bin, including food scraps and yard debris. Green carts will be collected weekly, on the same day as garbage and recycling pickups. Republic Services offers free kitchen organics pails to interested residents upon request. 

To request a free kitchen pail, contact Republic Services at 925-685-4711.

When is my pick-up day?

Click the image below to find out when your weekly pick-up is:

For information on bulky item pickup, household hazardous waste (batteries, motor oil, etc.), and more, reference the full Republic Services Residential Services Guide.