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Additional Recycling Information

Contra Costa Reuse & Recycling Guide
This guide helps residents and businesses make informed choices about recycling and reuse/waste reduction activities. It contains a directory listing business and organizations that will buy, sell or recycle materials, including clothing, electronics, paper products, plastics, metals and a variety of other materials. The specific link to Major Drop-Off & Buyback Recycling Centers is located here: Drop-off & Buyback Centers.

Contra Costa Builders Guide to Reuse & Recycling
This guide is designed for building, deconstruction, and demolition contractors. This guide lists the names of businesses that will haul and recycle construction materials such as bricks, asphalt or lumber.

Web Sites

Contra Costa County Recycling Info:
Regional Recycling Info:

State Wide Recycling Info:
Local Hazardous Waste Info:

Helpful Telephone Numbers

Contra Costa Recycling Hotline: 800-750-4096
Republic Services: 925-685-4711
Hazardous Waste Disposal: 800-646-1431 or
Contra Costa Clean Water Program
(to report illegal dumping of trash):
Transfer Station/Garbage Dump: (925) 232-2999

Certified Used Oil Collection Centers in Martinez where you can recycle used oil and get paid $0.40/gallon (each center is only obligated to take 5 gallons/person/day):

AutoZone #6758 3801 Alhambra Ave.
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 608-4315
CCC#: 07-C-12073
(Accepts used oil filters)
Certified Tire & Service Centers

3935 Alhambra Avenue
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 270-4145
CCC#: 07-C-10563
(Accepts used oil filters)

Martinez Marina 7 North Court Street
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 313-0942
CCC#: 07-C-09561
(Accepts used oil filters)
Oil Express

1033 Arnold Drive

Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 229-0200

CCC#: 07-C-06229

(Does NOT accept used oil filters)

Oil Express 3500 Alhambra Ave
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 229-1206
CCC#: 07-C-06320
(Accepts used oil filters)
Tire Choice 3935 Alhambra Avenue
Martinez, CA 94553
(585) 784-3378
CCC#: 07-C-12119
(Accepts used oil filters)
Virginia Hills Spirit Gas 6655 Alhambra Avenue
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 938-9948
CCC#: 07-C-11489
(Does NOT accept used oil filters)


Visit for more information on recycling used oil.

CRV Beverage Container Buyback

     According to California’s Department of Resources Recycling 
and Recovery (CalRecycle), there is currently one business 
offering CRV Buybacks in Martinez:

Recycle It Inc

3300 Pacheco Blvd
(925) 229-5600


Hours of Operation 
Monday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Wednesday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday: Closed

For more information on beverage container recycling, visit