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As a certified California Green Business, the City of Martinez is committed to being environmentally sustainable. A big part of that commitment is to ensure that we provide the resources our residents and businesses need in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Click the icons below to learn easy ways you can go green, save money, and so much more!

News Updates

NEW: Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation Controller

It is estimated that up to 50% of the water used in landscapes is wasted due to incorrect controller settings and infrequent setting adjustments. Smart Irrigation Controllers change the watering schedule automatically as the weather changes, saving you up to $12 per active irrigation station.

For more information, visit:
NEW: Fall Watering Schedules
Happy start of fall! As temperatures will begin to cool soon, make sure you are watering your lawn according to the weather/season. By following the recommended schedule for watering, you'll be able to save water (and money on your bill).
Find your sprinkler type and associated recommendations at
NEW: How to Conserve Water at Home

California is in the worst drought period since 2010.  Fortunately there are many steps you can take at home to help with water conservation efforts that preserve vital water supplies. Click here to learn more about the simple ways you can reduce your water usage and help mitigate this drought.

NEW: The City of Martinez Declares Climate Emergency

The City of Martinez has Declared a Climate Emergency. In response, our sustainability team is implementing solutions to reduce our city's environmental impact and establish resilience for our residents, both present and future. Click the heading to the right to read the Resolution adopted by City Council. 

NEW: Sustainability Education Resources

When we use the phrase "throw it away," we forget that "away" actually means the landfill, where our waste will sit for generations. In this video from New Leaf Collaborative and Boys and Girls Clubs of Contra Costa, learn how to properly sort your trash so you recycle and compost more than you send to the landfill. You can find more educational videos on our Resource Library Page.

NEW: Mattress Takeback Law
Every retailer that delivers a new mattress to a consumer in California (including online sales) must also offer to pick up a used mattress at no additional cost to the consumer. Check out this webinar to learn more about recent amendments to California’s mattress recycling law through AB 187. 
NEW: Greenbelt Alliance and 4CL Host Workshop on Driving Climate Policy as a Community

Engaging an audience of over 100 attendees, the workshop included guest speakers including Lynda Deschambault of 4CL and Julia Foote of the Sierra Club. Watch the recording to to learn more, and discover how you can influence local climate policy in your community by using this General Plan Toolkit


NEW: Martinez Ranks in Top Half of Climate Leader Cities in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County Climate Leaders recently released a report ranking the top cities in Contra Costa County that have shown leadership in climate policy. Martinez ranked in the top half of all cities! Read more about the results here.

NEW: 511 Contra Costa Launches E-Bike Rebate Incentive Program

Purchase an Electric Bicycle and get a $150-$300 cash rebate from 511 Contra Costa. E-bikes provide an easy, fast, fun, and pollution-free way to get where you need to go.

Visit for details.

NEW: Big Belly Waste Stations Installed in Downtown

Three automated recycling and landfill waste stations have been

installed by the City on Main Street to enhance public space cleanliness and reduce the carbon footprint of trash collection. Read the full press release  here.

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