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A Cleaner Contra Costa

Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge: Off to a Great Start!

The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge is a mobilization campaign conducted by Sustainable Contra Costa designed to track and measure your own footprint, and commit to learning and using sustainable living skills that help you save money, build community, and preserve the planet.

2019 marks the kickoff of the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge! Hundreds of people have already joined, bringing us closer to the goal of 1,000 participating households and 500 tons of CO2 reductions by September 2020. Participants can explore actions, big or small, that can create more sustainable homes, families, and communities. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, there’s something for YOU.

To get involved, visit to to set up your profile, calculate your carbon footprint, find local resources, and track your individual and community’s progress.You can invite friends, form teams, and share successes to encourage widespread action to reduce carbon emissions in Contra Costa County.

Join the Challenge Today!