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Climate Action Plan

Martinez's GHG Inventory

The City of Martinez is in the process of updating its Greenhouse Gas Inventories (GHG). The results will be available by the end of 2019.

However, Martinez's first GHG inventory was created using 2005 as a base year and served as a stepping stone in creating the City first Climate Action Plan (CAP). According to the 2005 inventory results, Martinez's residents, businesses, and government emitted approximately 321,000 metric tons of eCO2. The figure below provides a graphic depiction of the relative contribution of different sources. Please note that the figure does not show emissions associated with transportation on adjacent State and federal highways. Emissions from local transportation (i.e. trucks and autos) account for nearly half of the total inventory. Other major sources are residential and commercial electricity and natural gas use, and emissions related to solid waste collection and disposal. Municipal operations account for a relatively small part of the inventory (less than one percent) but are nonetheless important for the CAP, because these emissions are under the direct control of the City.

Martinez Inventory