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Meetings and Agendas

How to Participate in a Virtual Public Meeting

Virtual public meetings will be held through the Zoom video conferencing platform and will require the unique Meeting ID and Password to join. This information will be included on the front page of the Agenda.

There are 3 simple ways to join a City of Martinez virtual public meeting:

1) Via Zoom App (Mobile or Desktop) through the direct link on an Agenda.
2) Via Web Browser at
3) Via Phone by calling (669) 900-6833 (San Jose).

How to Provide a Public Comment

Spoken Public Comments

Spoken Public Comments will be accepted during the virtual meeting only. To address the legislative body, please read the following instructions carefully.

a)  If registering for the first time, you will be asked to enter an e-mail address and name. We request that you identify yourself by full name, as this will be visible online and will be used to notify you when it is your turn to speak.

b)  When the Presiding Officer calls for Public Comment on the Item to which you wish to speak, click on the “Raise Hand” button. This button is located on the control bar at the bottom of your screen and a Hand icon will appear next to your name.

c)  The Host will notify participants when it is their turn to speak and un-mute in turn.

d)  Public Comment will be limited to 3 minutes, and speakers will be muted again when time is up. Video will be disabled to save connection bandwidth.

e)  If joined via Phone, participants will be asked to identify themselves audibly before speaking.

f)  Chat is available, but limited to troubleshoot issues, and is directed to Host only.

Written Public Comments

Written Public Comments submitted via e-mail, no later than 2 hours before start of meeting, will be distributed to the legislative body prior to the meeting for their consideration. Please identify the Agenda Item to which you are commenting, and send your written public comments to the corresponding staff member below.

For City Council  City Clerk
For Planning Commission City Planner

For Parks, Recreation, Marina, 
and Cultural Commission (PRMCC)

For Zoning Administrator City Planner

Please note that the video of the meeting will NOT be available to stream live on our website; live video is only available by joining a meeting in Zoom. However, after the meeting, video playback will be available to view online on this page below.