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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

As COVID-19 vaccines distribution continues, please visit the Contra Costa Health Service’s website for updated information.  There are specific pages on the site for English/Spanish language information on VaccineGet Tested, data dashboards, and more. The multilingual call center, open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., is 1-844-729-8410.  Please note that 2-1-1 is a multilingual resource and a crisis line for the public.

Two COVID-19 vaccines have been approved and are currently being distributed to eligible residents. As Contra Costa Health Services states, “A COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic.” The safe, effective, no-cost COVID-19 vaccines are currently available to select, high-risk groups and will eventually be available to everyone in California. The vaccine will help us slow the spread of COVID-19 so our local businesses and schools can fully reopen.  Please see information below to find out if you may be eligible and how to receive your vaccine.

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About the Vaccines

Both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech have developed vaccines to fight COVID-19. The two vaccines work similarly and both require 2 doses administered across 3-4 weeks.

Who is Eligible?

Due to limited supplies, the vaccine is being administered in phases and we are currently in phases 1A/1B.  Vaccine appointments are not first come, first served.  Contra Costa County follows State and Federal guidelines for prioritizing immunization.  

In summary, some healthcare personnel, employees & residents of long-term care facilities, and people aged 65 and older are currently eligible for the vaccine. If you are currently eligible, please click here to schedule an appointment.  More information about the currently eligible tiers can be found below.

1A - Tier 1

  • Acute care, psychiatric, and correctional facility hospital staff
  • Residents and staff at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and similar settings for older or medically vulnerable individuals
  • Paramedics and EMTs
  • Dialysis centers

1A - Tier 2

  • Intermediate care facilities for persons who need non-continuous nursing supervision and supportive care
  • Home health care and in-home supportive services
  • Community health workers, including promotoras
  • Public health field staff
  • Primary care clinic workers

1A - Tier 3

Other healthcare workers, including:

  • Specialty clinics
  • Laboratory workers
  • Dental and other oral health clinics
  • Pharmacy staff not working in settings at higher tiers

1B - Tier 1

• People ages 75 and over

When Can I Get Vaccinated?

Following the vaccination of the tiers above (which includes healthcare workers, nursing home staff and residents, seniors and frontline essential workers), the next eligible groups to be vaccinated will include older adults, people with high-risk medical conditions and other essential workers. Supplies will increase over time and all people 16 years and older should be able to receive a vaccine later in 2021. Visit the Contra Costa Health Services website for more information about the vaccine distribution phases.

Members of Kaiser Permanente can go to to get up to date information about COVID-19 vaccinations and start an e-visit to make an appointment if they are eligible.

Help Your Neighbor: A New Call to Vaccinate Contra Costa

Not everyone who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine can navigate a web page, download an app, or locate a stray email. For many of us, signing up to get an appointment can be a real challenge.

That is why Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) is sharing Help Your Neighbor, a new community call to action for everybody who lives or works in the county to ensure that our friends, family members and neighbors can get a COVID-19 immunization appointment when they are eligible.

There are plenty of ways to lend a hand. Can your organization start a phone bank to help its members get registered? Does your business have room for a window flier? Do you have a friend who is eligible – and have they made an appointment? The best way to find out is to ask.

CCHS has an online request form for eligible county residents who need appointments and a call center, 1-833-829-2626.

CCHS encourages you to use the new Help Your Neighbor web page, which has videos and how-to resources to help residents and their helpers make COVID-19 immunization appointments, and a growing selection of printable fliers and COVID-19 vaccination resources.

Questions About the Vaccine?

For questions about COVID-19 vaccine, call (844) 729-8410 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily.  This call center cannot assist with scheduling immunization appointments.