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Commissions and Committees

The City Council receives advice and assistance from various Council appointed Commissions and Committees made up of citizens of Martinez and/or individuals with expertise in a particular area.

Criteria for appointment and duties of commission and committee members are defined in the Martinez Municipal Code and/or by-laws of the committee. Members are nominated by the Mayor, and approved by the Council.

Citizens wishing to be considered for appointment should contact the City Clerk's Office, 372-3512, for an application. The Clerk will contact applicants for interviews with the City Council when vacancies occur.

The City Council encourages citizens to apply for Commission appointments and to attend and participate in Commission and Committee meetings.

Get Involved!

The City of Martinez encourages people to serve in an advisory capacity on one of the City's various committees, commissions or as a representative on an outside agency.

Local Appointments List - Maddy Act 2021 (Updated December 2021)

Citizen Interest Form - Please email to