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ARDPIE Task Force Community Feedback

As part of this program, the City welcomed Martinez residents to submit questions about the task force, provide suggestions for community groups to contact, and recommend individuals for the facilitator position.  The facilitator will ultimately be selected by the task force, and be the one responsible for overseeing the task force’s recommendations. Submitted questions are posted on this page below, and be reviewed and considered by the chosen facilitator when they assume the role. Our hope is that the questions will help identify specific areas of concern so that they can be addressed quickly and effectively.

The timeframe for the Martinez Community to provide feedback on the ARDPIE Task Force has now closed.  This opportunity was open from November 17, 2020 to January 13, 2021. 

What questions should be asked during the interview process/application?

 1. Are you aware of the LEGAL meanings of "Protected Class", "Discrimination", and "Hate Speech"? 2. Do you know what "white" and "white" privilege means especially in the face of established American institutions that benefit you and are the reason so many immigrants want to come here? 3. Are you aware of the historical differences between California pioneer relationships to Native Americans and African Americans VERSUS recent immigration groups? 5. Do you know the difference between discussing immigration policy and/or national security policy and/or economic policy VERSUS "Xenophobia"?
 2. I suggest you ask applicants how they personally understand and practice anti-racism, and how their learning journey will benefit their work on the task force. I'd suggest asking a question like this INSTEAD of asking applicants to share a moment of "performative victimhood." In the prior application and interview process, you asked us as candidates to tell and share with you how we experienced racism. I understand what you were going for, but asking marginalized people to "prove" that they are affected by racism is a common tactic among racists and bullies. I know it isn't what was intended here, but asking that question in this context made it feel all the more vulnerable.
 3. Why is it important to you that this task force be assembled? Why are you joining this task force? What would you like this task force to accomplish? Based on the deep rooted issues of racism that lie within our city, this task force will be taking on lots of work. What is the first item you'd like to address and why?
 4. I'm curious about the gender and race questions on the application. I know some sets of questions aren't great and make a lot of people co-opt their identities. I wonder, if this is something being asked on the application, if gender and race could be blank spaces people can fill out individually rather than boxes for them to check. A question I think is important for the interview process is, What does accessibility and equity mean to you, and how do you assess whether or not something is accessible and equitable for others?
 5. What have you done in your specific "community" to create image change, educate others about your issues, develop better understanding or other activities?
 6. (1) What experience do you have with serving on an inter-professional, ethnically diverse, major change management work team? Describe the team, change management effort and outcome. (2) What interests you about the ADPIE Task Force? Why is the ADPIE Task Force important to you? What do you hope to see accomplished by the ADPIE Task Force
 7. Non-neurotypical people (particularly high functioning adult autistics and others with cognitive differences are frequently left out of discussions of equity, and are discriminated against due to a lack of understanding by neurotypical people. Are you aware of the difficulties this can create and do you have suggestions on how to support both autistics and businesses that hire them?


Recommended Facilitators

 1. Tiffany Hoang CircleUp Education
2. Fogbreak Justice
3. Jason Seals & Associates
4. Holly Charles
5. Pecolia Manigo
6. Hilary FitzGerald Nicholson
7.  Lori Lewis Chaordic Balance
8.  Contra Costa County Racial Justice Coalition
9. Mara Benitez


What community groups should the City contact?

1.  Intertribal Friendship House
2. MUSD Students Unite @musdstudentsunite
3. Young People's Coalition of Martinez @youngpeoplescoalition
4. Martizians for Black Lives Group Justin Gomez
5. Head Start Parents in Martinez Christina Reich