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ARDPIE Task Force

Anti-Racism & Discrimination and Pro-Inclusion & Equity (ARDPIE) Task Force

Following several Council meetings with significant public comment, the City Council direct staff to create a community task force to address the potential for implicit bias and systemic racism within City programs, policies, and procedures.

Anti-Racism & Discrimination And Pro-Inclusion & Equity (ARDPIE) Task Force

Michelle Williams  Chair
Satinder Malhi  Vice Chair
Steve Boulingui  Member
Marshall Cochrane  Member
Laura Ebbert  Member
Hilary FitzGerald-Nicholson  Member
Barbara Gordon-Kaleva  Member
Linda Olvera  Member
Olivia Ortega  Member
Albert Ponce  Member
Collen Sibanda  Member
Stephen Welch  Member

Staff Contact

Eric Figueroa, City Manager                          


Meetings and Agendas

The ARDPIE Task Force plans to meet monthly. Check here for upcoming agendas.

Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 7:00pm  Agenda

Past Meetings and Agendas

 July 19, 2021  Agenda  Video
 June 29, 2021  Agenda  Video
 May 18, 2021  Agenda  (No Video)
 April 27, 2021  Agenda  (No Video)



ARDPIE Task Force - April 27, 2021 Resolution [048-21] to Condemn Asian-American Pacific Islander Racism 
City Council July 15, 2020 Resolution [074-20] adopting the derived statement from the League of California Cities on Equity and Justice for All.
City Council July 15, 2020 Resolution [025-17] United Community
City Council July 15, 2020 Resolution [111-17] United Against Hate
City Council July 15, 2020 Resolution [074-20] Statement for Equity and Justice for All



As a response to community need to address racism and discrimination across the City, City Council directed Staff to establish an anti-discrimination task force. The development of criteria and call for recruitment of members began in August 2020. Members were appointed on June 29, 2021. The purpose of the ARDPIE Task Force is to review and provide recommendations to the City Council on how City policies, procedures, and programming can be changed to ensure the elimination of systemic racism and to better serve every member of the community.

The current ARDPIE Task Force will follow a work plan with the help of a third-party facilitator to address community concerns throughout the City.

Community Feedback

As part of this program, the City welcomed Martinez residents to submit questions about the task force, provide suggestions for community groups to contact, and recommend individuals for the facilitator position.  The facilitator will ultimately be selected by the task force, and be the one responsible for overseeing the task force’s recommendations. Submitted questions are posted here, and will be reviewed and considered by the chosen facilitator when they assume the role. Our hope is that the questions will help identify specific areas of concern so that they can be addressed quickly and effectively.

The timeframe for the Martinez Community to provide feedback on the ARDPIE Task Force has now closed.  This opportunity was open from November 17, 2020 to January 13, 2021.

Any other community feedback can be addressed during meetings. Click here for a schedule of future City Council Subcommittee Meetings to be directed to the ARDPIE Task Force schedule. 


Reviewed and Updated: September 26, 2021

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