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The Martinez City Clerk, who is elected at-large and serves in a part-time capacity, is the formal guardian of public information. The City Clerk also administers oaths of office and verifies all resolutions and ordinances. The Deputy City Clerk, a full-time staff position, is responsible for ensuring the security and accessibility of all official City records. The Deputy City Clerk also serves as the information and records manager of all legislative proceedings and conducts all municipal elections, and serves as a support staff to the City Clerk and City Manager.

Richard G. Hernandez - City Clerk
Elected November 1996
Present term expires November 2020

Deputy City Clerk 
(925) 372-3512


2020 General Election Information

Contra Costa Election Information

Notice of Election 2020

Public Records Request

There is a 10-day initial response to request for copies of records starting after the date of receipt in the City Clerk’s office.  If the request is received after business hours or on a weekend or holiday, the next business day may be considered the date of receipt. Similarly, if the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day is considered the deadline for responding to the request.

An extension of 14-days from the 10-day deadline by written notice may be requested by the City of Martinez.  This includes the need to search for records in field facilities or separate offices, the need to search through a voluminous amount of records, the need to consult with another agency with a substantial interest in the record, and the need to compile data or to create a computer program to extract the data.

The 10-day initial response and 14-day extension are the time periods for notifying a requester as to whether the City of Martinez has public records in its possession that are responsive to a request. The CPRA does not require that records actually be produced within these time periods.

If copies need to be made, there is no charge for the first 10 pages; then $5 minimum + $0.25 per page thereafter.  Electronic copies sent via email are free.

For more information on the California Public Records Act, please visit the following external links:

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