My Martinez

Parking Map

Downtown Parking

The Martinez Downtown parking strategy uses three metered parking zones. Metered parking is limited to Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm excluding holidays. Martinez parking meter rates are much less than surrounding communities. The 10-hour zones cost only 50-cents per hour to park.

Main Street is lined with shopping and restaurants. Parking meters on Main Street and the adjacent side streets are limited to 2-hour duration. The goal of the two hour zones is to create convenient parking for drivers wishing to shop and /or eat downtown.

Downtown Martinez is home to many businesses other than retail stores. To assist these businesses, the City provides longer term 4-hour meter parking for their customers along Escobar Street and Ward Street and their adjacent side streets.

The City has also set aside over 300 parking spaces along the fringes of the downtown for long term 10-hour parking. The goal is that business owners and their employees will park in these areas.

Juror Parking

The City welcomes over 200 new jurors every week. We hope you take time to visit our shops and restaurants. We suggest that jurors park in the long term parking meter zones (or in the County parking lot off Mellus Street.) Many of these 10-hour zones are located within a short walk of the Courts.

The purple highlighted areas (click here to see map) are the lower cost 10-hour meter locations.