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Water System

The Water System provides a reliable supply of high quality potable water in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of Martinez residents and businesses. The safety of the water and the health of the community is ensured through the use of advanced technology, proper water treatment, water quality analysis, treatment plant maintenance, backflow prevention, and maintenance of the water distribution system.

Please contact the following departments regarding:

Billing Inquiries:

(925) 372-3576

Visit the Martinez Water System Billing page for more information.


Water Quality Inquiries:

(925) 372-3588

The City of Martinez publishes an annual drinking water quality report in collaboration with the cities of Antioch and Pittsburg, Contra Costa Water District (CCWD), and Diablo Water District (DWD).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Your Drinking Water is Safe

The City of Martinez tap water is safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19) and has not affected the drinking water supply in the City of Martinez. Please remember that hand washing is an important part of the strategy to combat this pandemic.

How is my water safe?

The City of Martinez water purification plant uses advanced treatment processes and is designed to eliminate pathogens including viruses and bacteria. The produced drinking water is of high quality and meets all stringent state and federal requirements.

Will there be any interruptions in my service?

The City of Martinez water system is an essential service and will continue for the community without interruption. The City will not disconnect customers' water service due to billing/payment issues during this health emergency.

What if there is an emergency water main break or crucial construction?

Emergency repairs or planned construction that cannot be delayed may result in water service interruptions. While city crew members do their best without shutting off water service in the community, the city asks the public to please maintain proper social distance from our crews as they work to repair the issue and complete the process as safely and quickly as possible.

Free Services & Rebates

Customers of the City of Martinez water system are part of the Contra Costa Water - Source Water Division. Contra Costa Water District offers many free services and rebates to its customers. Visit their website for more details.

Urban Water Management Plan

The City of Martinez has prepared the 2015 update of its Urban Water Management Plan to fulfill the requirements outlined in the California Urban Water Management Planning Act and the Water Conservation Bill of 2009.  This plan includes all information necessary to meet the requirements of California Water Code, Division 6, Part 2.6 (Urban Water Management Planning).

Reporting Water Leaks

To report a water leak or water main break, please call (925) 372-3580 between the hours of operation 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.  For after hours or weekends, please call the Martinez Police Department Dispatch at (925) 372-3580.

What happens when a water leak or water main break is reported?

The city's Public Works Street & Maintenance crew investigates all reports of breaks as soon as possible.  Please report any leaks no matter how minor it looks to avoid serious damage to the pipes and neighborhood.

Emergency water main breaks may cause an outage and interrupt service to residents.  These breaks are given the highest priority for repair to restore water service to all affected customers.

When do water leaks and water main breaks most likely happen?

Water leaks or water main breaks usually occur during extreme weather conditions.  Frigid weather is the most common time for water main breaks, when both the air and water temperatures are contributing factors.  Hot and dry weather is also a common time for water mains to break as the ground shifts and increases the volume and pressure which puts stress to the pipes underground.

Maintaining the Water System

In addition to repairing water mains, the City of Martinez replaces or rehabilitates water mains each year to maintain its standards for reliability of the water distribution system.