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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is a newly created department consolidating building, construction management, code enforcement, parks, streets, facilities, fleet and water system maintenance, parking and recycling/solid waste functions under the direction of the Director of Public Works. The mission of the Public Works Department is maintain all city assets, preserve high quality residential neighborhoods, ensure that all new construction, rehabilitations, and repairs are consistent with appropriate codes and law, and recycling and solid waste mandates are met. This department has 55 employees that implement the department’s various functions.


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Inspection staff coordinates and monitor the review, plan checking, City approval, permit issuance, inspection, code compliance, and -acceptance processes for all building construction activities in Martinez. Staff also assists the public at the service counter and helps design professionals with project submittals. Inspection activities include utility and encroachment permits, engineering grading, and site development. Staff assists with NPDES program issues such as erosion control and Stormwater pollution prevention plans.


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The Code enforcement program investigates land use, zoning, municipal code and other health and safety complaints. Staff works with property owners to correct violations, which improves property values and the environment.


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This program area manages all City construction projects to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Staff works with contractors, designers, and other agencies to keep projects on schedule and within budget. Key functions include assisting the design team with construction document preparation and monitoring the contract bidding and awarding process. Additionally, this staff provides construction management and inspection services for city capital improvement projects. This division also represents the City in any disputes, responds to requests for information, and negotiates change orders encountered during construction.


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The Maintenance Division is responsible for the City’s maintenance, fleet management, water system treatment, and parking meter collection functions. It maintains 122 miles of City streets, 103 acres of developed park land, 230 acres of open space, 11 acres of medians, 200 miles of water lines, and 9,800 water meters. Public Works staff also provide repair and janitorial services for all City buildings, install new water mains and services, read and service water meters, repair water leaks, and maintain 110 pieces of large and small equipment, including replacement, routine servicing and repairing. Program staff regularly works with local volunteer groups to include them in the process of serving the community by improving public spaces.


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The Solid Waste and Recycling Program provides for the protection of public health, safety, and the environment through waste prevention, diversion, collection, transfer, and disposal services. City staff works with the City’s franchised service provider, Republic Services, along with the County and other local government agencies, to establish refuse, waste prevention, and recycling services designed to meet community needs and satisfy State waste reduction requirements.

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