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Report Graffiti

To report graffiti please contact the Police Department at 372-3440.

Tips on Preventing/Removing Graffiti

The City of Martinez has enacted graffiti control ordinances because the presence of graffiti in publicly visible areas is known to contribute to street gang violence and other criminal behavior. It has been proven that the more quickly graffiti is removed the less likely additional graffiti will occur. Conversely, the longer graffiti remains in place the more likely additional graffiti (often symbolizing gang threats and challenges) will be added.

Graffiti removal is, unfortunately, often difficult to accomplish. It is made easier if “graffiti resistant” paint has been used on paintable surfaces. Graffiti resistant paint may be purchased at local stores. It doesn’t prevent graffiti but often makes it possible to remove the graffiti with wiping or scrubbing. Absent the use of graffiti resistant paint it may be necessary to use a high pressure water washer or sand blaster to remove the substance. You can purchase “graffiti remover” chemicals but caution is urged. Depending upon the surface such chemicals may be harmful and may remove more than the graffiti itself.

In some cases it may become necessary to re-paint over the graffiti after as much graffiti as possible has been removed. If an area is subject to frequent vandalism due to graffiti it is recommended that graffiti resistant paint be used and that extra paint be kept on hand for use when necessary.

Official Notice to Remove Graffiti

Once the police department becomes aware of graffiti, the property owner is mailed an "Official Notice to Remove Graffiti" form.  On this form it states the following: 

Chapter 1.16 of the Martinez Municipal Code (MMC), exists on property as noted above. Pursuant to Section 1.16.060 MMC, said graffiti must be removed within twenty (20) days from the date noted below. Pursuant to Section 1.16.060 MMC, should you fail to remove same, the City of Martinez may remove said graffiti and shall charge you the cost of said removal. Should you fail to reimburse the City within thirty (30) days, said amount shall become a special assessment or lien against the property as provided in Section 1.13.100 MMC.

Should you wish further information regarding your rights and responsibilities pursuant to Chapter 1.16 MMC, you may review the entire ordinance at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, California or on the City of Martinez website for 1.16.060 MMC.