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Crime Prevention

The Martinez Police Department is committed tohelping people keep themselves, their loved ones, and our community safe. Below are links to helpful crime prevention tips.

If I were a thief...

Neighborhood Crime Prevention

Avoid Falling Victim to Scams

Tech Scams

From the California Department of Insurance
    •   Don't Get Scammed After a Disaster


   Fire Escape Route - Panoramic Dr. & Hillside Pl.
   Bicycle Registration Form
   Body Worn Camera Policy
   CA Legislative Information -SB 978

 CA Legislative Information - SB 1421

  Community Warning System - sign up for alerts on your phone
Crime Reports
  How to report Homeless Encampments & Resources for the Homeless
   Internet Safety for Teens
   Automated License Plate Reader Policy

DOJ Marsy's Law Site

Marsy's Card and Resources


Marijuana - Prop 64 Information


Martinez Police Dept. Community Academy


Teen Academy


Community Academy Application


   Martinez Police Dept. Policy Manual
Megan's Law Information
  Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

National Alliance for Mental Illness

Contra Costa Chapter

  National Highway Traffic Safety
Neighborhood Policing Areas
  Nixle provides trusted neighborhood information.
  Office of Traffic Safety
 Parking Citation - Indigent Payment Plan/Inability to Pay
Pay Parking Citation Online
Police Department Phone Directory
Report Graffiti

For Victim's Rights see the following:

DOJ Marsy's Law Site

Marsy's Card and Resources

Neighborhood Policing Areas

The city has been divided into 4 Neighborhood Policing Areas (NPA's).  While the Martinez Police Department has embraced the principles of community policing for many years, we believe our continued and expanded efforts to engage the community at the neighborhood level has and will result in a relatively low crime rate and increased public satisfaction with the service being provided by the Department.  The fundamental feature of this approach is that every Martinez police officer now has direct responsibility for a designated area in the city, which is called a Neighborhood Policing Area (NPA). The city has been divided into 4 NPA's. Each NPA has at least four officers assigned to the area.  Every person who lives or works within that NPA has access to those employees for the purpose of dealing with local problems and concerns or to just chat about law enforcement issues.  Your NPA officers can also assist you in setting up a neighborhood watch in your area.  Our Neighborhood Policing Area Program will help provide continuity in the relationships the Department is seeking to establish with the community, help build trust and understanding and allow the Department to intelligently focus its efforts and resources where they are needed most.

With this new initiative, the Department’s current service delivery process has remained the same.  When someone requires police services, they will still dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, or the Department’s non-emergency number, 925-372-3440, and an officer will be dispatched as soon as possible.  The neighborhood policing responsibilities performed by the officers are ancillary duties performed during their regular workday under the guidance of their supervisor.  


Security Camera Registration

The Martinez Police Department is partnering with residents and businesses to help solve crime and keep our community safe.  We are asking any resident or business to take a moment and register your external security cameras with the Martinez Police Department.

Registering your security cameras may help deter crime and assist the police department in its overall crime prevention strategy.  Help us protect our community by registering your security cameras with the Martinez Police Department.  Registration is fast and simple, just fill out the form below.  Click here for additional program information.

Information provided to the Martinez Police Department regarding your camera systems will be for official use only.  Your personal information will be confidential and not be for public dissemination.

Citizen's View - Security Camera Registry