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525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, CA 94553  |  (925) 372-3440

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Due to COVID, the front lobby of the police department is closed until further notice. 

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.

For non-emergency calls, please dial (925) 372-3440 or use the gray telephone located outside of the Police Department if you are outside of the lobby.

To send a compliment or file a complaint on a Martinez Police Department employee, please complete the form here.

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Administrative Services







Text to 9-1-1

We are proud to announce that the City of Martinez is now offering Text-to-9-1-1 services for our community. While in the Martinez city limits, citizens may text 911 if they are experiencing an emergency and are unable to make a voice call.

Text-to-9-1-1 is primarily for use in specific emergency situations:

  • For an individual who is speech, or hearing impaired
  • In the event of a crime such as a home invasion where speaking might give away the location of a person hiding, or in an abduction situation; or
  • In a domestic violence situation where it is not safe to make a voice call

When determining whether to make a voice call or to send a text, keep the following in mind as the above list is not all inclusive:

  • Callers should text 9-1-1 only when calling is NOT an option.
  • Texting is not always instantaneous, which means there may be a delay in the text being received by dispatch. This could cause a delay for emergency response.
  • Location information is not always reliable when using Text-to-9-1-1.
  • A text data plan is required to place a Text-to-9-1-1.
  • It is not safe to text and drive.

How to text 911 in an emergency:

  • Enter the number 911 in the “To” field.
  • The first text message to 911 should contain the location of the emergency and what the emergency is if possible.
  • Keep messages brief and concise.
  • Do not use abbreviations or slang, as this could lead to misunderstandings.
  • Answer the questions the dispatcher is asking as quickly and concisely as possible.

You will receive a “bounce-back” message if you are out of jurisdiction, or your text is not received by a dispatch center (FCC requirement of cellular providers). The bounce-back message will also advise you to make a voice call.

This technology has been tested with the four major cellular providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon), and MPD personnel have been trained on how to utilize this new system to better serve our community in times of an emergency.

Direct Phone Numbers


Non-Emergency (925) 372-3440

Abandoned Autos

(925) 372-3440


(925) 372-3445

Alarm Registration

(925) 372-3440

Animal Poison control

(888) 426-4435

Block Party Registration

(925) 372-3445

Contra Costa Animal Control

(925) 335-8300

Contra Costa County Detention/Jail Facility

(925) 646-4495

Contra Costa Sheriff's Dept.

(925) 646-2441


(925) 372-3440

Dispatch -Non-emergency

(925) 372-3440


(925) 372-3522


(925) 372-3440

Neighborhood Policing Areas (NPA)

Find & contact your NPA officers through
this interactive map

Parking Enforcement/Traffic Citations

(888) 443-4501

Police Reports

(925) 372-3443

Poison Control

(800) 222-1222


(925) 372-3460 -Released by appointment only


(925) 372-3443
Available via phone Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


(Due to Covid the Records Dept. is available via phone only. Click here for further information.)


(925) 372-3522

Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS)

(925) 372-3444 - Lieutenant Estanol.

Division Contacts

Administrative Services

The Administrative Division is the support services unit of the Martinez Police Department. It is comprised of Administration, Dispatch, Investigations and Records.

Chief of Police

Manjit Sappal

(925) 372-3445


Beth Johnson

(925) 372-3439


Patrick Salamid

(925) 372-3447


Mike Estanol

(925) 372-3444

Executive Assistant

Renee Jacobs

(925) 372-3445


The Dispatch Center for the Martinez Police Department is staffed 24/7. Our dispatchers answer non-emergency and 911 calls. If you would like to contact us regarding a non-emergency issue or question, please contact us at 925-372-3440. If you have an emergency, please call 911. If you live in the County area of Martinez, police contact the Contra Costa Sheriff's Dept. at 925-646-2441. If you need Contra Costa Animal Services, please contact them at 925-335-8300.

Emergency 911
Non-Emergency (925) 372-3440


Property is released by appointment only. Please contact the Evidence Clerk at 925-372-3460 to schedule an appointment. Please note that property is not released on the weekends.

Evidence Technician / Police Assistant

S. McPherson

(925) 372-3460

Parking Enforcement (925) 372-3409


The Investigations Bureau can be contacted via Dispatch at 372-3440 or by calling the Detective Sergeant at 372-3450.


The Martinez Police Department responds to calls for service from citizens. These calls include emergency 911 calls as well as non-emergency public service calls. The primary goal of the patrol division is to maintain a safe environment in which all Martinez residents can live. For more information on Patrol services, please click here.

Cpl. Angoco, S.

   - Badge #159

(925) 472-9686

Cpl. Breinig, T.

   - Badge #123

(925) 472-9703

Sgt. Brinser, R.

   - Badge #140

(925) 472-9654

Ofc. Buda, C.

   - Badge #116

(925) 472-9716

Sgt. Busciglio, K.

   - Badge #114

(925) 472-9714

Det. Carney, S.

   - Badge #130

(925) 372-3454

Lt. Estanol, M.

   - Badge #101

(925) 372-3444

Sgt. Espinoza, G.

   - Badge #126

(925) 472-9713

Ofc. Green, T.

   - Badge #165

(925) 472-9707

 Ofc. Hall, T.

    - Badge #168

Capt. Johnson, B.

   - Badge #164

(925) 372-3445

Det. Leong, I

   - Badge #118

(925) 372-3453

Sgt. Lekse, Z.

   - Badge #148

(925) 372-3452

Ofc. Lincoln, M.

   - Badge #144

(925) 472-9663

Ofc. Lucido, R.

   - Badge #162

(925) 472-9699

Ofc. Mayberry, D.

   - Badge #135

(925) 472-9667

Ofc. Miller, D.

   - Badge #111

(925) 472-9611

Det. Sgt. Moore, S.

   - Badge #133

(925) 472-9726

Ofc. Murray, J

   - Badge #166

(925) 472-4709

Ofc. Parsons, D.

   - Badge #158

(925) 472-9609

Ofc. Ramos, C.

   - Badge #150

(925) 472-9631

Lt. Salamid, P.

   - Badge #120

(925) 372-3447

Chief Sappal, M.

   - Badge #151

(925) 372-3445

Cpl. Schnabel, C.

   - Badge 108

(925) 472-9658

Ofc. Voyvodich, N.

   - Badge #104

(925) 472-9604

Ofc. Wah, T.

   - Badge #129

(925) 472-9665

Ofc. Weems, N.

   - Badge #163

(925) 472-9643

Cpl. Williamson, M.

   - Badge #137

(925) 372-3451

Ofc. Winslett, A.

   - Badge #121

(925) 472-9687


The Records Department of the Martinez Police Department handles all of the record keeping for our Patrol Division and Investigations Bureau. Their duties include report processing including report transcription, supplying copies of reports to other law enforcement agencies and citizens, and subpoena and citation processing.

Records clerks can assist you with obtaining copies of reports, vehicle releases and general information. Please contact them at 925-372-3443. Please be advised that due to COVID, the front lobby of the police department is closed until further notice.  If you need to contact our Records Department, please leave them a voicemail at 925-372-3443, and they will contact you as soon as possible.  If you are in front of our department, you can reach a dispatcher by picking up the phone to the right of the front door.  In addition, you can reach a dispatcher by calling 9-1-1 for emergencies.  If you have a non-emergency, call 925-372-3440. 

Records Division 

525 Henrietta Street

Martinez, CA 94553                       

Phone  (925) 372-3443

Fax  (925) 228-3753


When requesting a copy of a report, please complete the form below and include the items listed below.  Please be advised requests may take up to 10 days to respond from the date we receive the request.

Report requests should include:

  • Copy of a valid ID (Driver's License, ID Card, Passport)
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Report Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope.

Request form to obtain copy of a report.

Tow Releases
The Records Division will handle tow releases during office hours.  During off hours, press the button on the intercom to Dispatch and an officer will come to you.

The Records Division will not be conducting livescans for the public until further notice due to COVID-19.

Livescan (fingerprinting) Info


The Martinez Police Department maintains a Reserve Police Officer Program. The program is designed to allow citizens to act as volunteer police officers after passing a testing process, education requirements and background process. Reserve Police Officers ride with regular officers assisting them in their job duties.

The Martinez Police Department continually accepts applications for the position of Reserve Police Officer. 

Announcement for Reserve Police Officer

Application for Reserve Police Officer

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Officer Dirk Miller at