My Martinez


Welcome to the Martinez Police Department’s Webpage!  As the police chief I am proud to lead an organization that values community relationships and collaboration.  The Martinez Police Department has a great deal of talented, creative, and thoughtful men and women that are committed to improving safety in our community.  

Many of the policing issues we encounter can only be effectively mitigated or resolved through collaborative partnerships and problem solving.  With over 36,000 residents, we are in a great position to work together and leverage our ability to prevent crime and improve our quality of life.  While I know we have challenges ahead of us, I also know that we are fortunate to have a committed and caring community with some very dedicated policing employees.  Together, I know that we can make a difference!

As we move forward, we will examine ways of working more closely with the community on solving neighborhood problems.  We are also working on incorporating data analytics that will provide more information to the community on monthly crime statistics, significant activity and investigations, and crime prevention tips. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get up to date information on police activity.

Finally, we appreciate your support and value your involvement to help keep Martinez safer and more inviting for all of us to enjoy.  Public safety problems change over time and require us to problem solve in different ways.  We are only able to problem solve effectively based on strong relationships and community trust with those that we serve.  We value our partnerships and look forward to working with you to build on this trust to continue to be effective.

Chief Manjit Sappal