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Amare Apartments

Amare Apartments

The Amare Apartment Homes project was submitted in March of 2016. The project was originally proposed as a 174-unit multi-family, market-rate housing development. In June of 2018, an Initial Study was prepared and circulated. A number of comments were received, including issues related to biological resources at the site.

On April 1, 2019 the applicant submitted a revised project that included 182 apartments; with nine of those units to be below market rate units, therefore qualifying as a California Bonus Density project. At that time, the applicant concurred with staff that due to the possible environmental impacts identified in the comments received during the circulation of the Initial Study, associated with biological resources, a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was required.

The project was revised and resubmitted on September 25, 2020.

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Current Project
The proposed project consists of 183 multi-family dwelling units located along Arnold Drive.  in three three three-story buildings and four four- story buildings, for a total of six buildings, over all. The project also includes parking for 284 vehicles.

The revised plan set, dated September 25, 2020, may be found HERE

Pursuant to California Bonus Density law, the development team is requesting concessions and waivers to the City of Martinez development standards, including height and parking dimensions.

The project is currently under review by the City of Martinez. The preparation of an environmental Impact Report is currently underway.

For questions, please contact the City Planner via email at