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Projects Under Construction

2018-19 Measure H Park Improvement Project

This project will improve facilities at Golden Hills Park, Highland Park, John Muir Park, and John Sparacino Park.  The improvements include:

  1. Demolition and construction of a new Community Building (click here for rendering) and the resurfacing of the tennis courts at Golden Hills Park;
  2. Reconstructing the basketball courts at Golden Hills and Highland Park;
  3. Installing a new play structure at Highland Park; and
  4. Constructing AC pathways, utilities, trees, site furnishings and miscellaneous improvements to landscaping, lighting, electrical lights, drainage facilities, fences, and park furniture at various locations within these four parks.

Of the four parks included in the 2018-19 Measure H Park Improvement Project, only Golden Hills is presently closed.  Current work ongoing at Golden Hills Park includes grading; concrete slab prep work following the demolition of the previous community building; and resurfacing of the tennis courts.  The majority of the park improvements are anticipated to be completed by June 2020, weather permitting.  Listed below for reference is a copy of the approved plans for each park.

 Golden Hills
 Highland Park  |  Play Structure Brochure