My Martinez

Projects Under Construction

Hidden Lakes Restroom / Concession Building Replacement

This project will replace the restroom/concession stand at this park with an ADA compliant facility. The project will also construct ADA access between the ballfields and provide for repairs to fencing at this park. This project will be funded entirely through Measure H funds.  Originally scheduled for construction in FY 2020-21, delays due to Covid-19 will move project design to summer and fall of 2021 and construction to winter and spring of FY 2021-22.  The project budget will be reviewed and may need to be increased due to market considerations and the pandemic.  The current construction cost estimate is approximately $600,000.  As proposed, the project will be designed and constructed together with the Cappy Ricks Play Equipment Replacement project.

Cappy Ricks Play Equipment Replacement Project

This Project will replace the under-utilized tot-lot play equipment with equipment more appropriate for 5-12 year olds. This project is currently estimated to cost $170,000 in Measure H funds.  Project design is now scheduled to commence in the summer of 2021 and preliminary plans available for PRMCC review in fall of 2021.  As proposed construction would take place in the winter and spring of FY 2021-22.

Susana Park Interpretive Signs

This project will provide for the installation of interpretive signs at this previously renovated park. This project is fully funded with $15,000 in Measure H funds and is now scheduled to commence in the summer of 2021.