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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer receives complaints dealing with everything from trash cans to major public nuisances. Sometimes problems can be resolved with a simple phone call or letter. Occasionally Code Enforcement works with the Police Department, County Health Department, Fire Department and the City Attorneys Office with litigation involving Code Enforcement cases in court.

Code Enforcement complaint forms may be picked up at the Inspection Division counter at City Hall. Code Enforcement information or questions may be left at (925) 372-3598.

The Code Enforcement Officer/Inspector can be reached at (925) 372-3598.

To demonstrate their support of our Code Enforcement program as a top priority, the City Council unanimously passed a new Community Preservation Ordinance that took effect on October 17, 2003. The new Ordinance clarifies what conditions constitute a public nuisance and expands the City's existing regulations. Examples of these conditions include poorly maintained structures and property with accumulated trash, debris, old equipment or appliances, inoperative vehicles, and overgrown landscape and weeds.

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