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Curbside Recycling Collection Services

The Single Stream (Brown Cart) curbside recycling program for single family residences allows residents to commingle (mix) all household recyclables in their recycling cart for collection. The goal of this program is to make recycling more convenient, encouraging greater participation which will result in a higher recycling rate. Single family residences are given a brown 64 gallon wheeled cart, where all recyclables are placed. The cart is placed on the curb each week on garbage day for collection.

Apartment house owners/managers have been provided with smaller recycling bins with carrying handles for in-unit collection. Each week the bins can be emptied into a larger recycling container provided to the apartment facility for collection. Apartment house residents who have not received recycling bins should contact their manager or Republic Services for assistance (925) 671-5814. 

Recyclable materials in the Single Stream system shown below:

  Paper  Metal

 Books (paperback)

Aerosol cans (empty)

 Boxes, packages

Aluminum cans

 Carbonless paper

Aluminum foil (clean)

 Cardboard (cut to fit in cart)

Aluminum pie plates


Cookie sheets

 Cereal boxes

CRV beverage cans

 Colored and construction paper

Food cans (clean)

 Computer paper

Paint cans (empty, dried, latex)

 Copy paper

Pet food cans


Steel cans

 Detergent boxes

Tin cans

  Egg Cartons  Glass

 Envelopes with metal clasps

(Rinsed; all colors; lids, caps OK)

 Envelopes with plastic windows


 Frozen food packages

CRV beverage containers

 Gift wrap (non-metallic)


  Junk mail  Plastic


(Containers only; empty; rinsed; with
chasing arrows #1-#7; lids, caps OK)

 Manila folders

Baby wipe containers

 Newspapers and inserts

Bleach bottles

 Office paper

Buckets without handles

 Paper (adhesive/postits)

CRV beverage containers (soda, water, juice)

 Paper bags

Detergent bottles

 Paper packaging with remnant tape

Food containers

 Paper towel and toilet paper tubes

Fruit basket (plastic, #1-#7)

 Pet food bags

Household cleaning containers


Lids and caps

 Shredded paper (in a paper bag)

Milk jugs

 Telephone books

Prescription bottles (empty)

 Tissue paper (gift type)

Salad dressing bottles (rinsed)

Shampoo and cream rinse bottles

Tub containers (yogurt, cottage
cheese, margarine, #1-#7)

Water jugs

For single family residences only (no multi-family units):

In addition to household recyclables, the curbside collection program will also collect other materials, including yard waste and car batteries, motor oil, and oil filters-

Yard Waste Recycling:

Residents can also recycle lawn clippings and other yard waste with their 96 gallon green recycling carts. Pick up is every other week on the same day as garbage collection. Acceptable Yard Waste includes grass clippings, brush, weeds and leaves, hay and straw, prunings and tree trimmings. Materials that are not accepted for collection include plastic bags, rocks, concrete, sod and dirt, stumps, palm fronds and pet waste.

Safe Disposal of Car Batteries, Motor Oil, & Oil Filters:

Residents who do their own auto upkeep can recycle their car batteries, used oil, and oil filters at the curb. Please follow these instructions to prevent accidents. Pour motor oil into a clear plastic container with secure lid. Seal and place container beside recycling bin. A maximum of three (3) gallons of oil per pickup is allowed. Oil filters should be drained and placed in a zip-loc plastic bag that can be sealed tightly and then placed next to the recycling bin on your collection day. Leave your vehicle battery by recycling bin, maximum of one per pickup. Please, no leaking batteries. They will not be picked up.

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