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City Forms

Building Dept
Section UL
Building Permit
Drowning Prevention
Fire District Approval Verification
Health Department Approval Verification
Master Fee Schedule (Rev. January 19, 2017)
Sanitation District Approval Verification
Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Ordinance No. 1353 C.S.
Code Enforcement
Section UL
Code Enforcement Complaint
Solar FasTrac Documents
Section UL
Martinez's Interactive Building Permit Application
Martinez's Solar Permit Information Bulletin (Residential)
Martinez's Solar PV Permit Submittal Checklist (Residential)
Solid Waste & Recycling
Section UL
Builders 2005
Martinez C & D Ordinance - final
Self-Haul Facility List
City Clerk
Section UL
Citizen Interest Form
City Claim Form
Commissions Committees Maddy Act
Community Groups Funding Policy and Application Form 2014/2015
Employment Application
Section UL
Basic Application - ALL OTHER
Basic Application - Police and Recreation Dept. ONLY
Temp/Seasonal Application - ALL OTHER
Temp/Seasonal Application - RECREATION DEPT. ONLY
Section UL
Encroachment & Site Development Permit
Encroachment Permit Application [Instructions]
Grading Permit
Street Tree Removal Permit Application
Transportation Permit
Engineering Dept Standard Details
Section UL
Design Guidelines for Water Facilities
Engineering Design Criteria
Excavation and Grading 15.04.150 4-2-12
Standard Detail Index
Standard General Notes
Standard Specifications for Water Line Work
Storm Drain Design Criteria
Storm Drain Standards
Street Design Criteria
Street Standards
Traffic Standards
Water Standards
Section UL
2016 Lifeline Information and Application
Electronic Funds Transfer Application
Electronic Funds Transfer TERMINATION Application
Gross Receipt Schedule
Water Rates eff 3/31/16
Water Service Application
Fee Schedule
Section UL
Master Fee Schedule (Rev. January 19, 2017)
Front Yard & RV Parking Zoning Ordinance
Section UL
Front Yard/RV Parking Graphic
Front Yard/RV Parking Ordinance No. 1342 C.S.
Ordinances & Guidelines
Section UL
Application Submittal Requirements Checklist
Design Review - Single Family Home Guide
Design Review Requirements
Fence Requirements
Lot Line Adjustment Procedures
Parking Requirements
Stonehurst Development Guide
Wood-Buring Devices BAAQMD Summary of Proposed Regulations
Wood-burning Appliances Ordinance No. 1322
Wood-Burning Devices BAAQMD Public Hearing Meetings
Other Items
Section UL
22.04 Definitions
Alhambra Hills Specific Plan
Commercial Zoning
ECD - Environmental Conservation District
Environmental Checklist Form
Fences, Walls & Hedges - Requirements
Front Yard/RV Parking Graphic & Ordinance
Lunch Wagons
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Chief of Police Regulations
Mixed Uses
Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots
PA - Professional & Administrative Offices
Procedures for Permit Processing
R & D District
Sign Ordinance
Sign Ordinance - (just in Downtown -2006 DSP)
Sign Ordinance - A Frame Regulation excerpt
Section UL
Climate Action Plan
Downtown Overlay District
Frequently Asked Questions for New House Construction
Hillside Development Regulations
Lot Line Adjustment Procedures
Mobile Homes
Planned Unit Developments
Residential Setbacks
Residential Zoning
RV Parking Regulations
Secondary Housing Units Ordinance
St Mary's Street - Special Requirements
Subdivision Ordinance
View & Sunlight Preservation
Warren/Prospect Lots
Wind Generator
Telecommunication Facilities
Section UL
Standards & Criteria for Telecommunication Facility
Telecommunication Facilities
Section UL
Tree Ordinance
Tree Protection Information
Trees and Shrubs
Permit Applications & Guides
Section UL
Conditional Use Permit Application Guide
Design Review Application Guide
Flex-Space Use Policies - Application & Agreement - June 2012
Home Occupation Application
Planning Application Form
Tree Removal Permit Application
Variance Application Guide
Special Request Permits
Section UL
Library Community Meeting Room Policy and Procedure
Special Event Request Permit
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