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Measures of Success

The following performance measures consist of quantitative and qualitative metrics or criteria for evaluating the efficacy of each strategy, its benefits and drawbacks, and its ability to perform over time.  These conceptual measures were instrumental in creating the GHG reduction strategies of the CAP.

Project Performance Measures

  1. Activation Time – Now (2009), Short (by 2012), Medium (by 2020), Long (by 2050) term.
  2. Economic – Estimated First Cost, Life-Cycle, and/or Annualized Cost in Current Dollars.
  3. Emissions – Estimated GHG Reduction by Metric Tons and Percentage Decrease.
  4. Non-Renewable Use - Estimated Decrease in Non-Renewable Resources by Type (e.g., Fuel Oil/Barrel).
  5. Risk - Estimated Capacity, Especially for New Technologies, to Attain Performance Assumptions and/or Generate Adverse Impacts. 
  6. Actionable – Potential for Adoption and Implementation.