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Sustainability News

Rising Sun Energy Center - Schedule Now A Green House Call

This summer, residents can receive a no-cost energy and water conservation service from Rising Sun Energy Center, thanks to partnerships with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), the East Bay Energy Water, and the City of Martinez, with partial funding from Tesoro and Republic Services. Since 2000, Rising Sun Energy Center’s California Youth Energy Services program has provided no-cost energy and water conservation services to over 38,000 residents throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley. CYES provides jobs for local youth by training and employing young adults ages 15 to 22 as Energy Specialists, who provide their community’s residents with Green House Calls (GHC).

At your GHC, Energy Specialists:

  • Perform an energy- and water-efficiency assessment,Install energy-efficient LED light bulbs,
  • Install water-efficient devices for showers and faucets,
  • Perform a toilet leak detection test,Perform a basic solar assessment,
  • Offer tips on recycling and energy and water conservation to save money on utility bills,
  • And provide an additional energy-saving gift!   —all at no cost to you.
  • Renters and owners of all income levels are eligible for our program.

GHCs happen July 5 through August 10, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your spot now! Call 510.665.1501 ext. 5 to schedule your Green House Call, or sign up online! For more information about Rising Sun and its programs, visit



       Martinez Summer Bike Challenge

         Ditch the car and grab your bike!

The Summer Bike Challenge provides fun, healthy, no cost summer recreation that challenges participants to explore their hometown from the seat of a bicycle.

Free and open to everyone, destinations include local parks, schools, City Hall, Downtown, Rankin Pool, the library, and more. Bike around town and cross off destination squares to complete the Challenge - like BINGO! Free treats and a Grand Prize drawing add to the fun. Challenge Cards are available at the library, City Hall, Rankin Pool, Boys & Girls Club, Main Street Sweets, Barrelista, and online at   


The Community Resilience Challenge: Off to a Great Start!

The Community Resilience Challenge is an annual mobilization campaign conducted by Sustainable Contra Costa designed to inspire thousands of citizens and groups to take action to save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste pollution, and build community. 

The Community Resilience Challenge is off to a great start this year. Hundreds of people have been pledging their actions at John Muir Earth Day Birthday and other public events.  Pledgers are choosing a new activity that they will do this year to build more sustainable homes, families, and communities. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, there’s something for YOU. Last year we had 9,415 actions and projects registered, and our goal is to exceed that!

Between now and the first weekend in June the SCOCO Team is reaching out to people at the Martinez Farmers Market, Bike to Work Day, and more; teaching them smart ways to save energy and water, reduce waste, grow food, and build community. People get excited to learn more and make a commitment; they also love that we give out rewards like $10 Bill's Ace Hardware and Sloat cards, CCWD shower timers, and everyone who pledges can get a free yard of EcoMulch!Online pledges are eligible for prizes too! Pledge your action here. Contact for more information.

Alhambra Students Team Up to Benefit the Hidden Valley Community Garden

The City of Martinez, in collaboration with Civic Spark, an AmeriCorps Program, recently organized a community garden volunteering event at Hidden Valley Community Garden. The March 17th event was intended to increase awareness about the ability of these small plots of land to create social capital, community well-being, and civic engagement with an available food-producing ecosystem. The City partnered with Alhambra High school through two Spanish classes led by Yadira Zapata and Jessica Upton and the Environmental Science class led by Clark Smith. The event also correlated to the high school’s class curriculum emphasizing project-based learning, a method that encourages students to learn from hands-on experiences.

The City would like to thank everyone who participated, especially Robert Rust, the garden supervisor who led the garden clean up and spoke enthusiastically with the students about sustainable gardening methods.

City Publications & Docs - Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan Recap 2016-2017
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2016-2017.pdf
Revision Date: 5/1/2018
Climate Action Plan Recap 2014-2015
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2014-15.pdf
Revision Date: 10/26/2015
Climate Action Plan Recap 2013-2014
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2013-14.pdf
Revision Date: 7/22/2015
Martinez Final CAP
File Name: Martinez Final CAP.pdf
Revision Date: 3/17/2014
Climate Action Plan Recap 2012-2013
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2012-13.pdf
Revision Date: 1/15/2014
Climate Action Plan Recap 2011-2012
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2011 2012.pdf
Revision Date: 10/3/2012
Climate Action Plan Recap 2010-2011
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2010-11.pdf
Revision Date: 9/21/2011
Climate Action Plan Recap 2009-2010
File Name: Climate Action Plan Recap 2009-10.pdf
Revision Date: 7/21/2010