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Reports of Aggressive Animals at Temporary Dog Park

The City has recently received reports of aggressive animals at the Temporary Dog Park. In accordance with the Martinez Municipal Code Chapter 8.24.210 – Designated Dog Park Facility Regulations, and Contra Costa County Code Article 416-4.402 – Animals at Large, owners/handlers are legally responsible for their dogs at all times, including effective control and behavior. Aggressive dogs must be immediately removed by the owner/handler. Additionally, in the event of an aggressive dog incident, park users are encouraged to immediately call Contra Costa County Animal Control Services at (925) 335-8300 to file a complaint. 

Dog owners/handlers are reminded to be respectful of others and follow the rules for use of the park, or risk citation and/or loss of privileges at the facility. This park facility is for the enjoyment of all users.  

Below are some recommendations on what to do in the event of an aggressive dog incident:

  1. Separate the dogs in altercation.

  2. Exchange contact information, dog licenses and vaccination history with other owner and any witnesses to incident.

  3. Take dog to a veterinarian, even if it seems they are not injured, to rule out any unknown injuries.

  4. Contact Animal Control as soon as possible to file a complaint and document the incident.

  5. If it is clear one dog was the aggressor and caused the fight, that owner is responsible to cover any liabilities and costs associated with the injured parties including veterinarian bills and/or damages.

  6. Be aware that your dog may require rehab work from an animal behaviorist if you find them acting differently after the attack.  

Overall, Animal Control serves recommends to use “common sense” when entering public spaces with your pet. Be aware of your dog’s and other dogs’ behavior and intervene to prevent an incident from happening. Always be attentive to your surroundings and be your pet’s advocate for their safety and well-being. 

As always, In the event of illegal activity and non-life-threatening emergencies, please call the Martinez Police Department Dispatch at (925) 372-3440. 

The City will be installing additional signage at the park in the near future to reinforce public awareness of conditions for use and what to do in the event of violations.