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Join the 2018 East Bay Resilience Challenge!

Let's Take Action Together - The Resilience Challenge is On!

In partnership with Sustainable Contra Costa and several other neighboring communities, the City of Martinez encourages you participate in the 2018 East Bay Resilience Challenge by signing up to add NEW actions in your life that save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste pollution, and build community. If you pledge an action, you can get a free cubic yard of EcoMulch, a bag of compost from Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, and a vegetable start from Orchard Nursery! 

Get some great ideasand pledge you action at

Share a photo of your projector action with #eastbaychallenge to be entered to win a giftcard!

Here are a few easy ways you can pledge to make Martinez, and Contra Costa County, more sustainable:

Pledge to Save Water: Plant Native,Drought-Tolerant Plants!

Did you know that in California, we use an average of 30-60% of our water outdoors? Cutting wateruse in the yard or garden has the potential to make a big impact on your overall water use. 

Choosing to plant native, drought-tolerant plants has a great return – not only will it savewater once plants are established, the plants can help support local pollinator populations.

Pledge at and get some cool prizes, including mulch and compost.  Share a photo of your project or action with #eastbaychallenge to be entered to win a giftcard!

Let It Rot: Bring Life Back to Your Soil - Pledge to Compost!

Did you know that a mere teaspoon of healthy, living soil contains around a billion bacteria, several yards of fungal tubes, several thousand protozoa, and a few dozen nematodes? 

A great way to reduce waste and keep soil healthy is to compost.

Pledge to compost as part of our Community Resilience Challenge:   Share a photo of your project or action with #eastbaychallenge to be entered to win a giftcard!

Pledge to Reduce Your Single-Use!

Join us in the Community Resilience Challenge and pledge to reduce your waste! So much of what we throw away are single-use plastics, which take non-renewable resources to make, and often end up as litter. 

Say no to straws, plastic bags, and other disposables - bring your own mug, to-go container and bags! Great tips here: 

Pledge at, share a photo of your project or action with #eastbaychallenge, and win some sustainable prizes too!

Pledge to Bike to Work or School

Instead of driving, try substituting one of your commutes (to work, school, or errands) with a bike ride. It's not only good for the environment, but it's good for your health! 

Pledge to green your transportation:, and share a photo of your action with #eastbaychallenge for a prize!

Check out bike safety tips, and learn more about Bike to Work Day (May 10th):