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MCE Update

First, MCE’s customers benefit from lower rates than PG&E -- about 3% lower on average, as of March 1, 2018. Transmission rates do not change with MCE service.

Second, all of MCE's generation sources--and all of its customers--are linked by the same interconnected network known as the grid. Neither PG&E nor MCE can trace electrons generated at a solar facility once they are dispatched onto the grid. MCE ensures that at least 50% of the energy purchased from generators is from renewable sources, and that this clean energy is added to the grid on behalf of MCE’s customers.

The new 10.5 MW solar array in Richmond (MCE's 'Solar One' facility) is one source of MCE”s renewable power and is among the largest solar facilities of its kind built in Northern California. The project was able to achieve a 50% local hiring standard and was supported by MCE's 100% renewable customers, whose premium rate in part funds local development.

As always, changes to customers’ bills will vary on an individual basis. Customers are encouraged to contact MCE directly at 1 (888) 632-3674. Specific information related to Contra Costa's enrollment can be found here.

Finally, viewers can find more information about MCE's power supply, rates, the Solar One project in Richmond, and/or MCE's Integrated Resource Plan for long term procurement planning on their website