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Striping Equipment Test on City Roads

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, you may have noticed City public works crews testing striping equipment on Midhill Road.  This equipment was recently purchased with Measure D dollars and will be utilized for striping of roads subsequent to upcoming planned paving and road repairs.  The City received some questions as to why Midhill Road was being striped, when it had not been recently paved.  Because the equipment needed to be tested on both flat and sloping surfaces, city crews selected Center Avenue and Midhill Road to conduct the tests.  Additionally, Midhill Road was scheduled to be restriped in the near future since the street lines on this road are extremely faded.  Crews will be continuing to work on increasing visibility of the striping on various streets over the next month or so.  For any questions regarding road repairs, please contact Tim Tucker, City Engineer, (925) 372-3562.