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Primary Argument In Favor Of Measure D


Measure D provides local funding that stays under local control, exclusively for improving and repairing roads in Martinez.  

Yes on Measure D will:

  • Triple our current paving budget and put us on the path to dramatically improving our roads, especially in our residential areas
  • Only cost shoppers 50¢ for every $100 dollars spent on taxable goods
  • Create safer conditions for children and pedestrians on neighborhood streets
  • Improve public safety and reduce auto damage
  • Automatically expire in 15 years

The revenue comes from a dedicated sales tax, which by law means the money can only be used for the stated purpose. This means that 100% of the money will be used to improve and repair roads in Martinez.  Out-of-town shoppers who use our roads will pay their fair share.

The money will be spent in accordance with an annual Road Improvement Plan adopted by the City Council in a noticed public meeting. 

A Citizen's Oversight Committee will provide strict financial oversight and ensure all funds go where they are supposed to – improving Martinez roads!   

The City maintains over 121 miles of roads and has spent all available grants, Gas Tax and local road funding – almost $15 million – on pavement projects since 2005.  Despite these efforts, the overall condition of Martinez roads ranks next to last compared to other cities in the County, and among the worst in the entire Bay Area.  Approval of Measure D will permit the City to address many of our most critical road improvement needs while creating prevailing wage jobs in Martinez.

Vote YES on Measure D to improve Martinez roads! 

What we’ve done for our parks, we can do for our roads.
Rob Schroder, Mayor                                        
Debbie McKillop, Councilmember
AnaMarie Avila Farias, Vice Mayor
Mark Ross, Councilmember
Lara DeLaney, Councilmember

( Primary Argument In Favor Of Measure D )