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Rebates and Incentives: For Single-Family Residents

Residents: Energy
Efficiency Rebates
and Incentives


Energy Upgrade
California Rebate Program

Up to $6,000 in rebates available for Basic or Advanced Home
Upgrades, which bundle several energy efficiency measures together.

Federal Tax Credits

Homeowners who complete energy efficiency upgrades or
renewable energy installations may be eligible for Federal Tax
Credits for 30% of the cost.

Low Income Home Energy
Assistance Programs

Phone: (925) 681-6380

LIHEAP programs are designed to help low-income families with
the burden of high energy bills. The Weatherization Program
provides qualified residents with free energy efficiency
improvements and gas appliance inspections.

Property Assessed Clean
Energy (PACE) Financing

PACE is a financing mechanism that allows property owners to
pay for upgrades over time (up to 20 or 25 years) through a line-item
on their property tax bills.

PG&E Energy Savings
Assistance Program

Provides income-qualified customers with energy-saving
improvements at no charge.

PG&E Rebates

Rebates are available for various energy efficient appliances,
including $75/unit for a qualified high-efficiency refrigerator,
$100/unit for a qualifying pool filtration pump, and more.