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June 2018 Election - Open Space, Park & Recreation Lands Measures

There are two measures relating to open space and park lands on the June 5, 2018 ballot in Martinez.  These two measures are City-sponsored Measure F and Initiative Measure I.  Information about both measures can be found below.

Measure F
Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Martinez City Council put Measure F on the ballot?

The City Council commissioned a report on the effect of Measure I.  The findings of this report, which included determining that over 500 privately-owned parcels (including hundreds of single family properties) would be impacted by the restrictions of Measure I, prompted the City Council to place Measure F on the ballot, as an alternative for voters.

You can read that report by clicking here.

What is the intent of Measure F?

  • Protect public Open Space and Park and Recreation lands.
  • Ensure that no publically owned Open Space and Park and Recreation lands may be converted to other land uses – unless first approved by a vote of the people.

The lands covered by Measure F comprise approximately 1,706 acres of public Open Space and Park and Recreation lands.

These lands are all owned by public entities, such as the City of Martinez and the East Bay Regional Park District.

What are the key points of Measure F?

  • Applies only to public Open Space and Park and Recreation Lands.
  • Does not affect privately owned properties in any way.
  • Prevents publicly owned Open Space and Park and Recreation lands being used for other purposes without a vote of Martinez’ residents.

What happens if both measures pass?

If both Measure F and Measure I are adopted by a majority of the voters in the City, then the measure that receives the greatest number of votes shall prevail.

Where can I read more?

See links below.

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