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Water Conservation

Enough to Use, None to Waste

California is experiencing a major drought. It is very important that every citizen plays his or her part in reducing water usage. Executive Order B-37-16 states that, drought conditions may last into 2017 and beyond. Individual Water Agencies have authority to implement water conservation regulations. On June 15, 2016 the City Council rescinded mandatory water conservation and temporary price adjustments.  The Council also approved a “Water Conservation Plan” to address water conservation for the future.

Wasteful Watering Practices

Greywater Systems:

Greywater is used water from a household that has not been made unsafe for re-use in irrigation systems. Greywater systems are designed to optimize the re-use of water in your home. The City hosted a special workshop on how to install greywater systems last summer, and a current playback schedule is available here.  For more information contact planning regarding permitting of systems 925-372-3523.

Requirement Sites:

Learn more about saving water, visit the Save Our Water website at