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In the event of a disaster, Martinez Residents may be required to evacuate their homes in a moments notice.  If you hear emergency warning sirens, check local TV and radio for instructions and possible evacuation information.  In addition, information may be available on the City and/or Police Department's Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  Do not call 911 for information. 

Prior planning is the key to success in any disaster.  The City of Martinez encourages residents to be prepared before a disaster occurs. This includes the identification of evacuation routes out of your neighborhood.  Depending on the emergency, there may be the need for more then one evacuation route.  Start planning now by developing an escape plan and discuss this plan with your family.  Walk your neighborhood before a disaster strikes and look for alternate escape routes.  If need be, be prepared to evacuate on foot.

Remember, lives take priority over property, so please evacuate when asked to do so.   

To determine alternate evacuation routes in your neighborhood, click on the grid below to locate your neighborhood.